Original Art by Dina Baez

Dina Baez

Philadelphia, PA

Co-Founder of HeyWeCollab

Egocentric Surrealist Painter/Illustrator

 I'm 24, a self-taught artist who only began painting December of 2016! I used to doodle on things in class when I was younger but when I finally took my illustration more seriously, I grew a new love for what magic I could unlock on a canvas. I began with charcoal and colored pencils and as I saved up money for more supplies, I ventured into painting and it so far is my favorite medium to create with. Most of my paintings are acrylic and oil and I've been the subject of my own work because as I create more, I learn more within myself. My art began as simple reminders for me to decorate my room with but I feel more comfortable sharing my messages now that I have more confidence. Most of my pieces came about because I may have been overwhelmed with emotions and had to paint them out. That is my main reason to paint; to alleviate my own worries, distract myself, focus on a new accomplishment rather than a mistake, etc. I think my style has solidified enough to make most of my pieces seem cohesive, their main similarities are the decorative elements. I love bold outlines, bright colors, things that float around when magical girls transform, nature, and am growing to love myself so these things are prevalent in some form in each piece.