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photo by: @cathalyse  

photo by: @cathalyse  

Hello! This is me and I've had this site for 6-7 months now and have finally realized the best way to utilize it so that I have a user-friendly way to showcase my art and have it for sale. I also wanted a general platform for people to see what I'm doing without relying on social media and it's "rules" (character/picture limits, nudity control, and presentation).

Alas, this blog was born. The great thing about it is that I can completely express myself without worrying about likes or reposts, and can just focus on providing good quality content that you can ONLY get here. 

I take tons of photos of my works in progress and have been wanting to document my self-studies. I've only been painting for less than a year now, so I'll make a few combined process posts based on similar things I learned up until now. I'm learning this all on my own, barely any research, just thriving off of inspiration and basic knowledge. With time, I'll properly delve into what makes a good technical artist, but for being an expressionist I think I'm doing fairly well showcasing my style. 

As far as musings/being a model goes, I'll periodically add in blog posts about my experiences and fun adventures! For the most part, it's easier to keep sharing those on social media and so I shall. 

So yeah, thank you for reading this, I appreciate your support! Stay tuned for more great stuff!

 - Dina

  photo by: @cathalyse

photo by: @cathalyse